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Irish envoy given 'angry rebuke' over bill outlawing settlement goods | Times of Israel |

Foreign Ministry warns `hypocritical and anti-Semitic' legislation would have serious repercussions for Israel-Ireland ties if passed.

The Foreign Ministry reprimanded Ireland's envoy to Israel following the advancement of an Irish bill criminalizing Israeli products from areas captured in the 1967 Middle East war.

The bill would apply to Israeli goods from East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Golan Heights, which Israel captured from Jordan and Syria in the Six Day War.

The measure, introduced by the conservative Fianna Fáil - The Republican Party would make illegal "the import and sales of goods, services and natural resources originating in illegal settlements in occupied territories." Sinn Fein, a left-wing party, supported the bill.

The Dail, Ireland's lower house, passed the measure by a vote of 78-45 with three abstentions. The bill must still pass three more stages before becoming law, according to reports.


Fianna Fáil foreign affairs spokesman Niall Collins told the Irish Independent ahead of the vote that his party has become "increasingly concerned about the actions of Israel and its continued and blatant disregard for international law."

Israel gives Irish ambassador severe dressing down for 'anti-Semitic' Dáil Bill | The Irish Times |

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