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Government revokes charity status of Canadian Jewish group that supported `foreign armed forces'

A Canadian Jewish organization has been stripped of its charity status following a government audit that found it had provided support to "foreign armed forces," according to documents obtained by Global News.

The Beth Oloth Charitable Organization, based in Toronto, had been a registered charity since 1980 and was one of richest in Canada, with more than $60-million in revenues in 2017.


The president of the former charity could not be reached for comment. The address listed in CRA records is a home in North York. The group does not appear to have a website. [??? - see link above - Oui]

But in the audit documents, the CRA Charities Directorate said the group had not issued tax receipts properly, lacked "direction and control" over the use if its funds, and had funded non-charitable activity.

That included educational programs called mechinot that prepared high school students for Israeli military service.

The programs provide weapons training, physical and martial arts training, mentoring by Israel Defence Forces officers and visits to army bases and sites of historical battles, the CRA wrote.

"It is our position that these pre-army mechinot exist to provide support to the Israel Defence Forces, and that funds forwarded to these mechinot are therefore in support of foreign armed forces," the agency wrote.


The revocation was announced in the Jan. 12 edition of the government's Canada Gazette. The CRA released 94 pages of documents on the case on Friday. The group has 90 days to appeal.

Beth Oloth has received vast donations in recent years -- $61-million in 2017, $45-million in 2016 and $42-million in 2015.

Most of it came from other registered charities, but individual donors also contributed. Last year, the Globe and Mail ranked Beth Oloth 62nd on the list of the largest charities in Canada by tax-receipted donations received.

Almost all its money went abroad. In 2017, Global Philanthropy, a newsletter by Toronto charity lawyer Mark Blumberg, placed it 15th among charities that spent the most outside Canada.

But the CRA said Beth Oloth appeared to be acting as a "conduit" that issued tax receipts to donors in Canada to fund the programs of others.

151 Gifts provided to qualified organizations totalled $3,741,585

Charity Intelligence Canada: Beth Oloth Charitable Organization

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