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About the title, the role played by Saudi dark prince Bandar has been established as a fact over so many years, nearly three decades. Just as the war crimes by NATO states go unpunished, so have the crimes by Western allies in the Middle East ... those autocrats considered as "good" guys. We don't need to explain earlier war crimes by Hitler, Japan under emperor Hirohito, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, e.a. or historical genocide.    

The whole process of te Arab Spring and moving arms, munitions and jihadists from Libya into Syria has been minutely detailed month by month. The Muslim Brotherhood states of Qatar and Turkey were united with the Arab states Kuwait, Emirates [Abu Dhabi] and Saudi Arabia. Qatar was prime sponsor of shiploads from Libya into Northern Syria through Turkey. Saudi Arabia had supported the Sunni tribes in Anbar province of Western Iraq as early as 2004 during the occupation by U.S. Armed Forces. The Sunni with the extremists elements were responsible for daily atrocities in Baghdad in  the Shia districts. The flow of arms and foreign fighters came also through the Euphrates Valey from the North into the Sunni triangle of Anbar province. During those years, the forces linked up with Al Qaeda leadership and perhaps dozens, hundreds or more splinter terror groups.

As the unrest spread in Syria from Deraa, Hama and Homs, the foreign jihadists started to flow into Syria from all four directions: mainly the long border with Turkey, Lebanese porous border, southern border with Jordan and from Anbar province into the Euphrates Valley where Raqqa was soon conquered by the extremists. AQI became ISIS which changed into ISIL and more recently into the Islamic State [IS]. [Syria architects of the uprising Amb. Robert Ford and State Department deputy Victoria Nuland, a leftover from former boss Dick Cheney]

U.S. ambassador in Hama to support Syria protesters | Reuters - July 7, 2011 |

The start of the Syria uprising on 2011 can be watched on television today, a repeat performance in Caracas Venezuela.

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No, the Islamic State has NOT been defeated, not by a long shot. Terrorists morphe into other groups and terror spreads across the Muslim world ...

Pakistan: Jundullah vows allegiance to Islamic State | Dawn - Nov. 2014 |
Bush Funded CIA Operations of Jundallah, Not Mossad by Oui @BooMan on Jan. 2012 and June 2008

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