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So what did this exemplary nation do? It ditched the treaty with the Iranian State signed after the overthrow of a democratically elected ruler in 1953, Dr. Mossadegh.

ICJ: Iran bid to recover billions in frozen US assets can proceed | DW |

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Wednesday approved a bid by the Iranian government to recover some $2 billion (€1.77bn) in frozen assets in the US.

The US had sought for the bid to be thrown out, saying Iran had "unclean hands". Washington has long considered Iran a state sponsor of terrorism.

The ICJ decision, which came after two-and-a-half years of proceedings, knocked back US objections and paved the way for Iran to proceed with attempts to recover its assets.

Tehran argued that keeping the assets frozen was illegal because it breached the Treaty of Amity - a friendship treaty signed between the two countries in 1955.

The treaty guaranteed the protection of both countries' property. It also barred "restrictions on the making of payments, remittances, and other transfers of funds."

US and "Friends" in Warsaw putting on the pressure on the people of Iran ...

Poland Hosts Middle East Summit Spearheaded By United States

After a no-deal Brexit, British PM Theresa May certainly will join the "friends" of the USA to get a favorite trade deal on the books.

Meanwhile, the terror attacks continue by US friends in Iran ...

Middle East: At least 20 Revolutionary Guard personnel killed in Iran bombing | Ynet News |

 Surely Iran is the devil, today's headline ...

Former US air force officer charged with spying for Iran | The Guardian |

    According to charges unsealed by the justice department, she defected to Iran in August 2013, taking with her details of US counter-intelligence agents she had worked with who were then targeted by Iranian hackers, four of whom are named in the indictment and charged alongside Witt.

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