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Why did it stop in Hasselt?

There was criticism that thorough investigation was never conducted into the effects of the intervention on the transport behaviour of the residents and visitors of the city.

So, they never analysed the costs and benefits? And went back to a paying system because of budget constraints? And have they analysed the costs and benefits of that?

Need more info to see what happened there..
Ah, it seems the municipal majority changed, and that the region no longer wanted to finance the program...

The program was partly cross-financed with revenue from parking spaces for cars. As people stopped driving cars and parking spaces were drawn down, this revenue decreased - even as more cash was needed for the expanding bus and network.

... i.e. the finance model punished its success.

These problems can easily be avoided in Dublin.

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by eurogreen on Wed Jan 30th, 2019 at 11:37:22 AM EST
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