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The Irish Obsession As I See It

There's a particularly sweet spot in the enormous technology deal the state has just pulled off.

Over the next five years, the tech giant Intel will invest a whopping $11 billion in a new semiconductor fabrication plant. The investment will be worth around 0.7% of the state's gross domestic product and is expected to produce thousands of jobs.

The sweet spot is that in securing this deal, the state beat off competition from Ireland. For Ireland has become the most extreme State-bashing country in the West.


The Irish government may yet block the bill. It was promoted in the Dáil by Fianna Fáil, the largest opposition party and on which the ruling minority Fine Gael party depends.


Whether or not the bill becomes law, it once again raises the question of why Ireland is so consumed by the obsessive hatred of the State it so regularly displays.

One obvious answer is that, as a country which believes itself to have suffered under British colonialism, it identifies with other peoples acknowledged by anti-colonialists as similarly "oppressed" among whom the "Indigenous" enjoy iconic status.

With the island of Ireland divided between the Irish Republic and the UK province of Northern Ireland, Irish republican terrorists have waged war against the UK on and off over the past century with a fragile peace finally brokered in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Strangely, the State issue has become emblematic in this battle over Irish identity, with the Protestant Unionists identifying with the State and the Catholic Republicans identifying with the "oppressed".

As a slavish EU member, Ireland has allowed Brussels negotiators to use the fraught issue of the post-Brexit border with Northern Ireland as a weapon to force the UK to surrender its independence even after it formally leaves the EU.

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