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The security industry Made in Israel [thx to 9/11]

That's forward thinking, first on airport security and a relentless offense on Internet cyber attacks - Stuxnet. Excellent cooperation between NSA-CIA and Unit 8200 - Mossad.

Ever since the so-called War on Terror to prevent a next attack, the war efforts by the US, Israel and Western states have cause an explosive increase in terror across the globe and a thousandfold increase in deaths, many as collateral damage.

Democratic nations ignore cyber threats in same way they ignored terrorism | JPost |

Western countries are ignoring the severity of the threat posed by cyberattacks in the same way they initially failed to tackle the scourge of terrorism, according to experts that descended on Tel Aviv this week for the Cybertech 2019 conference. The refusal to adequately address the issue, largely the byproduct of a desire to "save face," has thrown a wrench in government-to-government cooperation which, in turn, is contributing to the problem.

Founders and CEOs of the world's top data and cyber risk management firms--including Checkpoint, IBM and Microsoft--highlighted the resulting difficulty of neutralizing a huge volume of daily attacks across multiple platforms, and called for the highest level of collaboration if nations are to stay secure amid lightning-quick changes in the digital realm.

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