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Not So Deep State On the Surface
When 'Former' Spies Run Wild, Bad Things Happen |MoA|

The UAE hires 'ex-CIA', 'former NSA' and 'ex-soldiers' to spy on dissidents, friends and enemies. It uses tools produced by the NGO Group [Pegasus] which is run by 'alumni of Israel's famous Unit 8200 signals intelligence arm'. When Canadian researchers [Citizens Lab] dig too deep into NGO Group's business they get visits by 'retired Israeli security official' from a company founded by 'former Israeli military officers' who recruit many 'former Mossad agents' [Black Cube].

There is also the 'former MI6 agent' Christopher Steele who created the Dirty Dossier about Donald Trump for the Clinton campaign. Parts of the dossier were likely written by the 'former MI6/GRU double agent' Sergei Skripal who the Brits novichoked and vanished in Salisbury. The international media reaction to that incident was of special interest to the secret military intelligence shop Integrity Initiative which is run by Nigel Donnelly, a 'former British military intelligence official'. The Initiative is financed by the British government.

When I read pieces like those linked above I always presume that the 'former' CIA/NSA/FBI/MI6/8200/Mossad/military folks are not 'former' at all, but active agents on a mission for their original service. Some stories only make sense when one reads them under that premise.

Following links from MoA article about the alliance of intelligence agencies working for one or more government agencies in the Middle East. Of course the autocratic, dictatorial regimes with immense wealth of the Gulf States look with envy towards Israel and the United States where the "democratic" leaders get away with war crimes with impunity. The age old mantra, if you can't beat them, join them!

Raven: Inside the UAE's secret hacking team of American mercenaries | Reuters  - 2 parts |
How the UAE is recruiting hackers to create the perfect surveillance state | The Intercept - Oct. 2016 |
Abu Dhabi Hired American Mercenaries To Kill Its Political Enemies. This Could Be The Future Of War. | BuzzFeed News |
Lawsuits claim Israeli spyware firm helped UAE regime hack opponents' phones | Times of Israel - Aug. 2018 |

A recent diary of mine ...

Seychelles Back-channel Leads to Abu Dhabi

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Role played by Dutch AIVD/MIVD ...

El Chapo
Dark Web Hansa Down
Cozy Bear

... and yes, I'm convinced the Dutch have the most advanced software which includes Pegasus. Israel's Verint runs the wire taps for the Dutch - known as champions in Europe.

Minister Plasterk: I Had No Snooping Idea We Did It

Dutch national security and cooperation with FVEY all changed after July 17, 2014 [MH-17]. This was the Dutch 9/11 moment.

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