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Poor journalism

Netherlands blames Iran for murders of dissidents | Middle East Eye |

Dutch police have previously named the two victims as Ali Motamed, 56, who was killed in the central city of Almere in 2015, and Ahmad Molla Nissi, 52, murdered in The Hague in 2017.

Ali Motamed [an alias] was murdered by local Moroccan gangsters hired by ??. Quite likely Iran as Motamed was held responsible for a horrific bombing of Islamic Party HQ in 1981 killing 72 including Ayatollah Beheshti. The Netherlands had given this terrorist asylum and a new identity. Iranian identity: Javad Qadiri belonged to the MKO terror group.

Ahmad Molla Nissi is a leader of the free Khuzestan Movement, a Sunni enclave in oil rich province of Iran. He founded, the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Al-Ahwaz (ASMLA). The group has been initiating unrest combined with terror attacks. Nissi is accused of being an architect behind unrest and traveling to Saudi Arabia for funding and support.

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