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L-R: Yoel Lefkowitz, Igor Fruman, Ken Abramowitz, Dr. Joe Frager, Lev Parnas, Anthony Scaramucci, Yair Netanyahu, Ameer Benno, and David Perlotto in the home of Simon Falic. (Credit: Tikun Olam)

On the photo Ken Abramowitz ... quite a character!

A U.S. millionaire and illegal land grabs | Haaretz - Jan. 2012 | [h/t Mondoweiss]

    In 2008, the Israel Independence Fund was founded in New York. The nonprofits declared areas of activity are philanthropy, volunteering and distributing grants. The person behind the fund is Kenneth Abramowitz, a New York businessman and partner in NGN Capital, which describes itself as a venture capital firm dedicated to health-care investing.

    Abramowitz is also national chairman of American Friends of Likud and donated thousands of shekels to the campaigns of Yisrael Katz and Yuli Edelstein in the last party primaries.

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