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Putin changes the channel on Ukraine - Politico.eu
Ever since protesters in Ukraine toppled their Moscow-leaning president in 2014, Russian state television channels have depicted the country as a hotbed of fascism led by a "junta." In one infamous broadcast, Channel One, the Kremlin's flagship station, falsely accused Ukrainian government forces of crucifying a 3-old-year boy.

And so when Russian President Vladimir Putin declared this month that Kremlin-funded television channels should give Ukraine a break, it was seen by many as something of a stand-down in his country's conflict with Kyiv.

"We shouldn't paint our closest neighbor, this fraternal nation ... in an unflattering light," Putin told the Valdai discussion club, an annual gathering of Russian and Western foreign policy experts. "This is wrong." He admitted that there is "something lacking" in Russian state television's coverage of Ukraine.

Even before Putin's remarks, Russian state television had been toning down its aggression. The term "junta" had all but disappeared from broadcasts, while on September 15, in a notable departure from usual programming, there was not a single report devoted to Ukraine on either of the two main weekly news roundups.
Putin's orders to television chiefs to tone down the rhetoric is partly a bid to prepare Russians psychologically for the reintegration -- at least on paper -- of the Donbas into Ukraine. "This is a signal that Ukraine is not the hell on earth that it was painted to be. After all, we can't reintegrate Donbas into Ukraine if the country is some neo-Nazi hell," said Baunov.
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