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Career diplomats testify despite White House resistance | The Guardian |

It's the week that diplomats you've never heard of are attending closed door hearings in Washington to testify before the House intelligence committee, which is taking the lead on the Trump-Ukraine impeachment inquiry.

But their very obscurity (for the average outside-the-beltway peasant), and the in-camera nature of the hearings, is of vital importance. Open hearings with big names can be illuminating and move the dial in investigations, whether it's Trump-Russia or Trump-Ukraine, or whatever. But there's no denying they often descend into a partisan circus.

Yesterday career diplomat and former top Russia aide, British-born Fiona Hill, who has worked during the administrations of no less than six presidents, gave testimony for almost 10 hours. Some of the details that were later disclosed by indiscreet politicians are absolute dynamite.

Today it's George Kent, whose title, ordinarily, would be an eye-glazer - Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. But in the circumstances, with the White House trying to stop officials from testifying, folks like these are pure gold to investigators looking for sober facts about what the president's henchmen have been up to, where, when, with whom and why. The White House apparently attempted to block him, to no avail.

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