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Lev Parnas in the Holy Land | Tikun Olam - part 2 |

Lev Parnas also inveigled themselves into a summer 2018 "pilgrimage" to Israel organized by Mike Huckabee.  Among those he partied with according to Haaretz were Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister's foul-mouthed son, and Ambassador David Friedman, who's pretty good with a pickax at demolishing Palestinian homes.  He joined them at a festive gathering at the Jerusalem home of Simon Falic, owner of the world's largest airport duty-free shop chain, and a mega-donor to Netanyahu's political campaigns.

Parnas and Fruman were honored with the Lover of Zion award by Young Israel, an Orthodox pro-settler group, at its annual fundraising gala. House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy was another honored guest at this shindig. He also received tainted donations from Fruman and Parnas.  Haaretz notes:

    It's not entirely clear why Young Israel gave Parnas and Fruman special recognition during that event, but one explanation offered by a senior figure in the organization was that the pair "brought Rudy Giuliani" to the dinner.

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