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Kind King Abdullah II of Jordan ... true friend and partner of the US in fight against extremist regime of Bashar Assad in Syria.

Supported the protests and provided facilities for US, British and French special forces to train rebels in camps just South of the border near Damascus.

Syria Expendable in Joint US-Israel ME Power Schemes  

About the Palestinians in Syria (Yarmouk camp), the Kingdom ruled out any Palestinians to enter Jordan during the civil war instigated, supported and prolonged by Western powers.

OMG - hard to believe, briefly watched interview on GPS with guests Stephan Hadley and Meghan O'Sullivan, explaining why US policy under Presidents GHW Bush and his son George was so much better. Stephan Hadley was theBush architect in 2006 to rid the ME of Bashar Assad. Under Bush/Clinton this operation was a costly failure. Perhaps mrs. Pelosi should just FTSU!

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