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Retired four-star general, (Barry McCafry), compares Trump to Mussolini over canceled newspaper subscriptions Washington Examiner
Retired four-star general Barry McCaffrey condemned the White House for canceling subscriptions to the Washington Post and the New York Times.

On Wednesday, President Trump directed the White House to cancel subscriptions to the publications due to their coverage of his administration. "All these people doing it for the New York Times, which is a fake newspaper, we don't even want it in the White House anymore. We're gonna probably terminate that and the Washington Post. They're fake," Trump said. On Thursday, Trump instructed other federal agencies to follow suit and terminate their subscriptions to the two newspapers as well.

McCaffrey called Trump's decision a "watershed moment" for the United States and compared the president to Benito Mussolini, saying, "This is deadly serious. This is Mussolini."

Mussolini, a fascist, used the press to push propaganda and censored unflattering reports while leading Italy prior to World War II.

The Examiner is owned by Peter Anschultz - who is not exactly a liberal icon.

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