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The President of the United States takes an Oath of Office to faithfully execute the duties of his office according to the laws of the country. Those laws specifically forbid self enrichment - see emoluments clauses. Perverting the conduct of US foreign policy to serve the personal needs of the president for election or re-election is an especially egregious violation of the oath of office. Anything that aids a politician to be elected or re-elected is a 'thing of value'. It is the equivalent of or worse than receiving a bribe and it is a gross abuse of power.

It is clear from the writings of the founders of the nation that it was specifically to remedy such acts, seen as potentially fatal to the survival of the nation as a representative republic, that the impeachment clauses were ADDED to the Constitution before it was submitted for ratification. Bribery is specifically enumerated as a cause of impeachment.

The term 'High crimes and misdemeanors' is not limited to specifically illegal acts. It also covers actions that are detrimental to the good governance of the nation. The fact that such acts may have been committed but not prosecuted in previous administrations is no defense. It also covers acts such as obstruction of justice that are also criminal offenses.  

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