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New Impeachment Poll: 68% support impeachment - Lawfareblog.com

The latest University of Maryland Critical Issues Poll fielded by Nielsen Scarborough finds this could spell major trouble for the president's public standing ahead, including among Republicans: We asked: "In general, do you believe it is an impeachable offense if the president of the United States invites foreign leaders/entities to interfere in U.S. elections?" Two thirds of respondents, including 46 percent of Republicans and 58 percent of Independents said yes.

Poll was conducted after Mulvaney's press conference on Thursday.
Before Mulvaney's statement this week, the president appeared to have succeeded in persuading many, including a majority of Republicans, that there was no such quid pro quo. In a follow up we asked: "Do you believe that President Trump has invited foreign interference into a U.S. election?" A slight majority, 52 percent, said yes, but 79 percent of Republicans said no....

So, while two thirds of respondents say the offense of asking foreign leaders to intervene in our election is impeachable, only 52 percent agree the president committed such an offense. But there is reason to believe this gap will continue to narrow, including among Republicans and Independents. In fact, Independents are more than four times as likely as partisans to express uncertainty about whether the president invited foreign interference into a U.S. election.

As multiple polls have shown since the revelation about Trump's conversation with Ukraine's president, there is a steady shift in opinion toward supporting impeachment. In our poll, we probed this shift directly, asking respondents how the revelations shifted their attitudes on impeachment. Overall, 16 percent of respondents said they changed their position from opposing impeachment or being unsure, to supporting it. Importantly, this includes 8 percent of Republicans, suggesting that the controversy over Ukraine is much more parsimonious and salient than other scandals that have embroiled President Trump and his administration during the past two years.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."
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