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Double-take w/e 2 Nov

By protecting Syria's Idlib, the US created a safe haven for Baghdadi and ISIS

... The United States vehemently opposed the Syrian government's operation too, but for a different set of reasons. While the Trump administration claimed to reject the mission on humanitarian grounds, its stated motive was contradicted by scenes of ruin only a few hundred miles away, in the Iraqi city of Mosul, where the US employed what then-Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis called "annihilation tactics." [Sep 2018] There, the US carried out 1,250 air strikes with 29,000 bombs, reducing huge swaths of the city to rubble and killing at least 9,000 civilians, all in the name of defeating ISIS. ...
a tragic recital of mistaken identities and misplaced trust

reference US war on Iraq
The Battle of Mosul, Nov 8 2004 to Nov 16, 2004
Second Battle of Fallujah, November 7 to 16, 2004

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