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The letter (facsimile), which is not linked to the article.
First, if Britain leaves the EU with no deal, we will work with our administration, your government, and our friends in the EU to minimize disruptions in critical matters such as international financial transactions, and the shipment of medicine, food, and other vital supplies.

Second, irrespective of how Brexit occurs, we recommit to the NATO security alliance and the "Vive Eyes" intelligence partnership. We also will advocate for a new bilateral trade agreement, as early as your Brexit terms would allow, that reflects the centuries of open commerce between our nations.

Finally, we pledge our friendship in the future of the United Kingdom. Our soldiers have fought together from the beaches of Normandy to the mountains of Afghanistan. Together, we have toppled tyrants and liberated the oppressed. The shared stroy of our special relationship is a great one indeed, and we look forward to adding more chapters still.

There is no "recognition that a hard border threatens the delicate peace," because the number of Irish republican fin-tech entrepreneurs in USA (21st cen. "diaspora") who give a damn is exceedingly refined. Surprising no one but Mr Rooney's parochial apprehension of US politics since 1922. Quoting another deluded "contributor," Mr Dowd:
[Tom Cotton] pro British stance in the event of a no-deal Brexit will put him and the GOP senators in direct opposition with the Irish government supporters in the Congress. Speaker Nancy ["Pay-go"] Pelosi and Ways and Means Chair Ritchie ["Show me your TAXES"] Neal have vowed to block a trade deal if there is a no-deal Brexit and an attempt to restore the border.
Because it costs nothing to jawbone when passing through Dublin. The House does not pass US "trade deals". It may vote to pass more cash to the grande bourgeoisie of the Republic, some day in a little remarked provision in the next NDAA, if the price is right for data transfers from behind the iron GDPR. quid pro quo, y'all.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Tue Nov 5th, 2019 at 02:29:29 PM EST
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