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Sylvia Hermon to stand down as MP for North Down
Lady Hermon has confirmed she is standing down and will not run to retain the Westminster seat she has held for 18 years.
She first won the North Down seat in 2001 as an Ulster Unionist.
She left the party in 2010 after it agreed an electoral pact with the Conservatives and since then has sat as an independent unionist.


She backed remain in the 2016 EU referendum and in 2017 she was returned as the only pro-Remain MP from Northern Ireland to take her seat in the Commons.
Lady Hermon has been a vocal critic of the Conservatives' Brexit plans for Northern Ireland and last month she voted against Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal.
In July 2019, she voted in favour of legislation in the Commons to legalise same-sex marriage and decriminalise abortion in Northern Ireland.

About the only unionist politician with any integrity...

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