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is mildly Keynesian, to take off the sharp edges of a no deal Brexit. The main elements of a  €1.2 billion Brexit related package includes €220 million to be deployed immediately. Other measures include:

  1. €650 million for agriculture, enterprise and tourism sectors to assist the regions and populations most affected

  2. €85 million for beef farmers and €6 million for other livestock farmers and the mushroom sectors.

  3. €14 million for the fishing industry

  4. €365 million for extra social protection benefit expenditures

  5. €45 million to assist people transition to new work.

Despite Brexit, the Minister expects a net additional 19,000 jobs to be created. GNP growth is expected to decline from 8.2% in 2018, an estimated 6% in 2019, and perhaps 2% in 2020. But as yet, no recession is forecast. The main Brexit related disruption is expected to be in the beef and dairy sectors.

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