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From john_evans link the threat to bananas from "Panama Disease".

Not so long ago the Western world was briefly awakened by revelation [source?] of corruption through the "Panama Papers". To my knowledge the expression "Banana Republic" refers to endemic corruption, not fruits. The hand of Uncle Sam ... 😎

It's clear money and fluent wealth [capital] corrups. U.S. Congress and unlimited dollars in political campaign is a major cause of corruption. Under presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush and today's Donald Trump the genie has come out if the bottle. There are many examples where democracy "in name only" had been replaced by authoritarian and dictatorial regimes. A Boris Johnson and his gang of Conservatives wanting to emulatie Trump and his gangsters from the business world. Running executive foreign policy as a mobster of New York, where his roots lie.

Diplomacy, compromise and negotiations have been replaced by bullying, dictat and bribery. To extend American legal reach across the globe is a concern for all citizens where NSA and GCHQ have reached a level far beyond the imagination of 1984 and Big Brother. Human intelligence has been replaced by dumb a$$es and soon by AI and robots. Machines may survive as Human kind perishes.

The 20th century scourge of Communism has been replaced ... living in a new phenomina of inequality and hopelessness for too many.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Fri Nov 22nd, 2019 at 09:35:48 AM EST
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