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Perhaps it is because Ireland is not a NATO member, or  perhaps it is because of Trump's disinterest in NATO, but I remain sceptical about the degree to which the UK can leverage a shared NATO membership to achieve more favourable terms of trade with the EU.

An EU/Russia economic détente seems a more likely outcome of Brexit.

Certainly some intelligence, anti-terrorism and crime fighting cooperation will persist, but will non-NATO EU members be prepared to make trade concessions (over, say, fisheries) to bolster intra-NATO collaboration which should be happening independently of the EU in any case?

The EU was founded to contain geo-political rivalries between the major European powers. NATO will (probably) continue to perform a similar function. But I doubt that the UK's stepping outside of the EU's cooperation umbrella will be rewarded by more favourable trade terms.

A threat by the US/UK to exit NATO might be the only way to revive that "brain dead" organisation...

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