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Boris' is just trying to sort out the problem he has with the DUP - he may need their votes in the next Parliament. He hasn't thought much beyond the election and getting the right result.

If he dishonours the terms at some stage in the future, it is easy to see "what the EU is going to do about it". Slap punitive tariffs on UK export goods and services until such time as Boris (or his successor) complies with every small print line in the agreement.

It is one thing Trump tearing up agreements with (say) Iran, because Iran has limited options to bring the USA to heal. Not so with the EU and the UK - as Boris (or his successor) is bound to find out.

But Boris is bluffing and blustering as usual. He will comply in the end as he always does. But in the mean time he has got the rubes thinking he is on their side. Anything to win the election and stay in office. Meanwhile the real power of that office decays all the time.

Literally no one in the EU is taking him seriously. How many EU PM's have visited 10 Downing St. since he became PM? Any?

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