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Mrs. Manager DEMINGS. After the meeting, Dr. Hill followed up with Ambassador Bolton and relayed what transpired. Bolton was alarmed. In other words, Ambassador Bolton didn't want any part of it. He directed Dr. Hill to brief the NSC's top attorney, John Eisenberg, as she explained during her hearing.
  (Text of Videotape presentation:)
GOLDMAN. What was that specific instruction?
Dr. HILL. The specific instruction was that I have to go to the lawyers, to John Eisenberg, our senior counsel for the National Security Council, to basically say, you tell Eisenberg, Ambassador Bolton told me, that I am not part of this whatever drug deal that Mulvaney and Sondland are cooking up.
GOLDMAN. What did you understand him to mean by the drug deal that Mulvaney and Sondland were cooking up? Dr. HILL. I took it to mean investigations for a meeting.
GOLDMAN. Did you go speak to the lawyers?
Dr. HILL. I certainly did.
Mrs. Manager DEMINGS. As a former chief of police, I think it is quite interesting that Ambassador Bolton categorized the corrupt scheme--the pressure campaign--as a "drug deal."
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