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Roll Call | Impeachment news roundup: Jan. 22
The Senate voted along party lines to approve the rules for the trial, after a long night of debate that stretched to nearly 2 a.m. Wednesday [22 Jan].
Senators adopted the updated resolution, 53-47, shortly before 2 a.m. Wednesday morning.
The change means the trial days, which start at 1 p.m., will likely now conclude around 9 p.m. and could extend the trial by two days.
Schumer offered a series of amendments -- all rejected on roll call votes, mostly along party lines -- that would have instructed Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. to subpoena acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, former National Security Adviser John Bolton and other administration officials, as well as certain White House, State Department, Defense Department and Office of Management and Budget* documents pertaining to the impeachment charges.
2 p.m. | Flooded phone lines: Thousands of constituents called into the offices of GOP senators in swing states Tuesday imploring them to vote to allow witnesses at the Senate impeachment trial, according to analytics provided to Roll Call by Stand Up America, a political advocacy group that opposes Trump.
Roberets' "subpoena" (power) is basically meaningless in this context. First, Roberts does not preside at senate proceedings in his capacity as a court officer. Second, judges don't hand out subpoenas like tic-tacs or ... commemorative pens; orders are predicated by, yes, separate trial of fact and law.
* doc exhibits already provided with House Trial Memorandum

the twitterverse of Lindsey Graham Cracker acolytes would be delighted ...

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