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Now, as chairman of the European Parliament's delegation for U.S. relations, Mr. Sikorski aims to strengthen ties between European legislators and Congress.

"I see my mission as, first, telling Americans that Europe has a parliament, too, and that it is increasingly important," he says.

Personal relationships are also relevant. Ironically, he's an old university mate of the very man who is leading the U.K. out of the EU - Prime Minister Johnson.

"I was in the same faction with Boris at the Oxford Union [debating society], and we got him elected as president," Mr. Sikorski says.  

The two also belonged to the private Bullingdon Club, known for members' rowdy behavior. When a reporter pressed for details, he demurred.

"Look, there are national secrets and there are club secrets," he said.


Mr. Sikorski wasn't surprised by his old friend's sweeping victory Dec. 12.

"He had a brilliant election slogan and a really poor competitor," Mr. Sikorski says. "I'm glad that the combination of Marxism and antisemitism doesn't seem to command the majority in Britain, which is a rare piece of good news."

Back to the matter at hand: the growing importance, in his view, of the European Parliament. Last week, Europe's new president unveiled a "European Green Deal," which will go to the parliament for consideration. The initiative aims to make the EU's member countries "carbon neutral" by 2050 - more ambitious than the Paris climate accord.

"There is now a real politics in the European Parliament, with different coalitions on different issues," Mr. Sikorski says.  

The European Parliament also approves the EU's budget - about a trillion euros over seven years, "real money," he says. And for the first time, the EU will have a defense budget, which will go for research, operations, and procurement of new types of equipment, like drones.

"We should be able to secure ourselves against criminal activity stemming from Libya," Mr. Sikorski says. But "there will not be a European army."

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