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Introduction paragraph written in the following DIA Report 2017 ...

Vladimir Putin's address to the Russian Federal Assembly following the referendum  on annexation of Crimea, 18 March, 2014:"

The USA prefers to follow the rule of the strongest and not by the international law. They are convinced that they have been chosen and they are exceptional, that they are allowed to shape the destiny of the world, that it is only them that can be right. They act as they please. Here and there they use force against sovereign states, set up coalitions in accordance with the principle: who is not with us is against us."

Russia: Building A Military to Support Great Power Aspirations

The  international  order  established  after  the  Second  World  War  and  developed  throughout  the  Cold War largely ensured widespread peace and stability even as it saw new conflicts--large and small--take  place  in  different  regions  of  the  world.  This  post-war  era,  underwritten  primarily  by  the strength of the United States, also gave rise to the greatest period of prosperity in history, witnessing countries rebuild from war and emerge from colonialism to become vibrant and valuable members of the international community. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States  emerged  as  a  world  leader  militarily,  economically  and  diplomatically.  Today,  however,  the  United States faces an increasingly complex array of challenges to our national security.

The resurgence of Russia on the world stage--seizing the Crimean Peninsula, destabilizing eastern Ukraine, intervening on behalf of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and shaping the information environment to suit its interests--poses a major challenge to the United States. Moscow will continue to aggressively pursue its foreign policy and security objectives by employing the full spectrum of the state's capabilities. Its powerful military, coupled with the actual or perceived threat of intervention, allows its whole-of-government efforts to resonate widely.

Russia continues to modernize its extensive nuclear forces and is developing long range precision-guided conventional weapons systems. It is manipulating the global information environment, employing tools of indirect action against countries on its periphery and using its military for power projection and expeditionary force deployments far outside its borders. Its ultimate deterrent is a robust nuclear force capable of conducting a massed nuclear strike on targets in the United States within minutes.

Within the next decade, an even more confident and capable Russia could emerge. The United States needs to anticipate, rather than react, to Russian actions and pursue a greater awareness of Russian goals and capabilities to prevent potential conflicts. Our policymakers and commanders must have a complete understanding of Russia's military capabilities, especially as U.S. and Russian forces may increasingly encounter each other around the globe. DIA will continue to provide our leaders decision-space, ensuring they have the time and information necessary to protect our nation. The wrong decisions--or the right ones made too late--could have dire consequences.

This  report  examines  a  resurgent  Russia's  military  power  to  foster  a  deeper  understanding  of  its  core  capabilities, goals, and aspirations in the 21st Century.

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