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TRANSITION, ARTICLE 126, Transition period, p 196 et seq.
There shall be a transition or implementation period, which shall start on the date of entry into force of this Agreement and end on 31 December 2020.
1.Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, Union law shall be applicable to and in the United Kingdom during the transition period.

However, the following provisions of the Treaties, and acts adopted by the institutions, bodies, offices or agencies of the Union, shall not be applicable to and in the United Kingdom during the transition period:

What are these two exceptions? Protocol No 15 and 19 in re: Northern Ireland; TEU Art. 11, 22, 24 and Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, Art. 39, 40 --which party demanded those "concessions" from EU gov?
6.Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, during the transition period, any reference to Member States in the Union law applicable pursuant to paragraph 1, including as implemented and applied by Member States, shall be understood as including the United Kingdom.
Read it again. The WA "transition period" effectively preserves for UK virtually all benefits of EU membership in force on or before entry into force of the WA. That perforce includes A.50 notice abbrogating particular UK political authorities.

UK third-country status applies 29 March 2019 24:00 GMT or expiration of (putative) "A.50 extension period" or expiration of the WA "transition period", whichever the earliest date.

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by Cat on Tue Feb 26th, 2019 at 06:17:54 PM EST
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