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I agree, worse means worse. Not better. But life is tragic and sometimes it doesn't forgive little mistakes. Especially now that there isn't something effective to push back. Opposition, where?

Some parts of Remain (leadnotleave with Gina Miller!) have joined the unicorn hunt by asserting that Britain can have Cameron's deal back and keep the EU from being dominated by Germany. As if the delusions of Blair&Clegg weren't enough. Timothy Garton Ash -who I respect very much- writes columns pleading with the Europeans that friendly words by them may convince the UK to stay! It is just a sad cry of political impotence. One commenter simply replied: "Ok, I want you to stay!" exposing the excercise for what it was.

I can't really fault people for wanting to turn inward. Everyone wants a little Gemütlichkeit. And it's true that this isn't imperial nostalgia per se but a way of thinking very much bequeathed by empire&WW2 that has led to Brexit but also stands in the way of a realistic Brexit.

Britain was always free to leave. But where to? The internal contradictions have come to the fore and all these slogans like 'Global Britain' are just grasping at straws, trying to find some upside to the whole affair.

Leave was very much 'Little England' not 'Global Britain', which is a second-rate cousin to 'Cool Britannia' (itself a bullshit product of the PR department). For the true believers this may only find a happy ending if the British isles achieve levitation. Above all and beyond. Great and separate.

The 'separate' part is more realistic. For the rest of us it's just negative.


"There is a whole field of grass..." Definitely not helpful but funny.

Schengen is toast!

by epochepoque on Wed Feb 20th, 2019 at 12:34:33 AM EST

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