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You don't need a Conspiracy theory to explain her behaviour. She probably believes that her Brexit deal is the best Brexit deal negotiable, and she is probably right about that. She is also right that it is preferable to no deal. Her problem is getting the hard core Brexiteers on board - many of whom would probably prefer no deal and may only be persuaded to vote for her deal if No Brexit becomes a likely alternative outcome.

So a lot of them will probably vote for her deal on March 12th., because otherwise the delay motion might pass, and that opens up the possibility of a second referendum or an election. If she can't get her deal passed she will have to decide between No deal and No Brexit - or maybe the HOC will take that decision away from her. But she needs to be seen to be delivering on her Brexit mandate and if she fails she has no honourable course but to resign. Not that that means she will.

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