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May's Article 50 extension is a trick to take us to the real cliff edge - politics.co.uk
Once we go past May without holding elections, the cliff edge becomes immovable. And then, finally, with all options exhausted, MPs will have to fall in line with her deal or else topple into the abyss. That is how she checkmates her opponents. That's the plan.

It is perfectly visible now. Anyone can see it. But no-one is stopping her. There is only one way to do so: Insist that Britain takes part in the European elections. That means passing the legislation to do so at the point of extending Article 50. Anything else leaves us at her mercy.

With some notable exceptions, it seems like a parliament of morons. I don't expect much from a bunch of gullible bystanders. Brexit in a few month if all goes well. If not, all-consuming rage as a country pushes sets off the suicide vest. A final say on the deal would mostly be a mood poll. If the morons in parliament don't understand basic things about the EU, how can we expect non-parliamentary morons to understand the intricacies of the WA. Some consider No-deal equal to No-Brexit. The state of it...

Schengen is toast!
by epochepoque on Thu Feb 28th, 2019 at 01:26:11 AM EST

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