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This. And this again. And then again.

But then Brexit, as a whole, has served as a monumental distraction from the real issues facing both the UK and the EU: The issues of globalisation and growing inequality between the owners of capital and workers, between different regions within the EU, between urban and rural, young and old. Between public austerity and squalor and private wealth and conspicuous consumption. Hopefully soon we will be able to start prioritising those issues again. Brexit has already dragged on for far too long.

I've mentioned before at ET that I'm so through with the past years of hardcore ineptness on display in London that I've come to nurture a grudge against the idea of GB just casually picking up its antagonizing role in Brussels in case the A50-letter actually gets withdrawn. Yet a chance of an escape route out of the Brexit is now tentative - in itself something I didn't hold possible.

There still are a hundred ways how this could go manifestly wrong, but the idea of a possibility of Brexit getting cancelled makes my head giddy, filling it with visions of organizing pissing contests on Nigel Farage posters on the party to be held on the day Brexit is announced cancelled.

Oh what frabjous day it would be. One can hope. One can hope.

by Bjinse on Thu Feb 28th, 2019 at 12:30:10 PM EST

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