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Referendums in the United Kingdom
Referendums in the United Kingdom are occasionally held at a national, regional or local level. National referendums can be permitted by an Act of Parliament and regulated through the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, but they are by tradition extremely rare due to the principle of parliamentary sovereignty meaning that they cannot be constitutionally binding on either the Government or Parliament, although they usually have a persuasive political effect.

Agitate all they want for a "public vote", this exercise is morally vacant without the expressed consent of parliament to bind the government legally to the result of the "public vote."

references to legislation.gov.uk, AFFIRMED gy UK High Court recently by a number of lawsuits challenging the commission and execution of the 2016 Referendum to exit the EU.

Theoretically, enacting such legislation requires parliament to table and pass a specific bill enumerating the legal and political authorities of said "public vote", of which there are in UK law evidently NONE, to rule proceedings or capacities of parliament and government.

HYPOTHETICALLY, IF the prime minister were to exercise a prerogative to dissolve parliament thereby necessitating general election of members, the composition of the body --no matter how amenable to constituencies' demands for "public vote" to revers or alter prior legislation-- does not assure that this NEW! parliament would prevail on the High Court to vacate parliamentary sovereignty.

THEREFORE, parliament consultation of the opinion of the polity ("public vote") is not a political instrument to affect the form of UK government. It is a ritual cathexis, or a dramaturgy, to which the UK government periodically invites its captive audience participation in approval or disapproval of particular actors among its ranks.

Method of "persuasion" directed to the vote of each and every elected and hereditary "representative" of the polity affirming ONE solution to real and imagined annihilation of the nation must change before the institutions will change to lasting effect.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Wed Feb 27th, 2019 at 08:17:53 PM EST
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