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My best friend for nearly a half-century is an Irish-American and Roman Catholic (although not as RC as his mother and sister, who are WAY out there).  A million years ago, he asked me what me what my issue was with reunification.  I said (and I can just about remember verbatim): 1) Ireland seriously needs to sort some things out, because let's face it, its best shot at unification was Clontarf, and not only were MY ancestors (Norway and Iceland) fighting on both sides, but so were YOURS; 2) you can't expect a bunch of Protestants to subject themselves willingly to a country that still operates under 14th Century canon law.

Point 2 the Republic has dealt with in admirable fashion.  Point 1 is your point.  This is no time to be crowing like we're in a football pub or lining up for the traditional clan wars.  Both sides have taken serious losses.  And both sides can either continue to do so, or they can put all that aside and move on.

by rifek on Wed Mar 13th, 2019 at 04:24:50 AM EST

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