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Research Committee of Cambridge University's Faculty of Divinity
In this case, I understand the offer of a visiting fellowship for Professor Peterson was considered by the Research Committee of the University's Faculty of Divinity in the normal way, and was granted on an academic basis.
Subject of research: Jordan Peterson?
Early last week, the Faculty became aware of a photograph of Professor Peterson posing with his arm around a man wearing a T-shirt that clearly bore the slogan "I'm a proud Islamophobe". The casual endorsement by association of this message was thought to be antithetical to the work of a Faculty that prides itself in the advancement of inter-faith understanding.
Sumbuddy "misinterpreted" the subject of the research?
As a consequence of this, the Faculty's Research Committee reviewed its original decision to award a visiting fellowship and concluded that the offer should be rescinded. As is normal, neither the decision to invite Professor Peterson, nor to rescind the invitation, were brought to the attention of the senior leadership team until after they had been made.

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