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Article 13 will wreck the internet because Swedish MEPs accidentally pushed the wrong voting button / Boing Boing
In the EU, if a Member of the Parliament presses the wrong button on a vote, they can have the record amended to show what their true intention was, but the vote is binding.

Today, the European Parliament voted to pass the whole Copyright Directive without a debate on Articles 11 and 13 by a margin of five votes.

But actually, a group of Swedish MEPs have revealed that they pressed the wrong button, and have asked to have the record corrected. They have issued a statement saying they'd intended to open a debate on amendments to the Directive so they could help vote down Articles 11 and 13.

Is there actually a mechanism in the European Parliament that allows you to pretend to have voted another way??

by generic on Wed Mar 27th, 2019 at 10:08:17 AM EST
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