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heh. "little-known genocide".
For Victims of a Little-Known Genocide, a Long Journey to Justice
re: authorative sources
Ruben Carranza, senior expert on reparations for the International Center for Transitional Justice, noted that U.S. courts have become a resource for survivors of dictatorships, war criminals and genocides.
What's this?
Several experts contacted about the case called it important for German society and government to do right by the Ovaherero and Nama, particularly given how the West has grappled for decades with fallout from the Holocaust. The latest version of Katuuo's complaint calls Germany's annihilation efforts in southwest Africa a "precursor" to the events of World War II less than four decades later.
wait for it ...
William Darity Jr., an economist and professor of public policy at Duke University, also said German citizens should pressure their government to pass legislation for Ovaherero and Nama reparations.

"Trying to do this through the U.S. court system evades the question of who has direct responsibility and obligation for the compensation," Darity said in an interview, wryly noting this same court system has a history of shooting down cases for domestic slavery reparations.

What We Get Wrong About Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

archived "reserved words"
U.S. imposes visa bans on International Criminal Court investigators - Pompeo, 15 Mar 2019
Rome Statute (2002) circling the drain
Wrong claim. Wrong venue. Wrong "race".
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long-run evolution of racial income inequality

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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