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[US] Study: About 4 percent of women are pregnant when jailed
Dr. Carolyn Sufrin of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine attempted to fill the void by collecting data from 22 state prison systems and 26 federal prisons during a yearlong period in 2016 and 2017. She released her results in the American Journal of Public Health .

"The fact that nobody had collected this data before signals just how much this population is neglected," Sufrin said.

FDA Approves First-Ever Drug for Postpartum Depression
Giving hope to the 1 in 9 women [?] who experience postpartum depression ... Massachusetts-based Sage Therapeutics, Zulresso relies on the active ingredient brexanolone to mimic the naturally occurring hormone progesterone, which tends to plunge after childbirth.
The most common side effects of Zulresso, which is administered through an IV drip over a continuous 60 hours, rather than in pill form, are dizziness and unconsciousness. ... Without insurance, an infusion of Zulresso comes at the hefty price tag of $34,000 -- an amount that does not include the cost of staying at the certified center for the 2 ½ days.

She Wanted To Be The Perfect Mom, Then Landed In A Psychiatric Unit

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