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Finns hit back at health care criticism from [Nikki "Taking Names" Haley]
This week, the former US ambassador to the UN and Republican governor of South Carolina took to Twitter to slam the Finnish healthcare system. "Ask them how their health care is. You won't like their answer," she claimed.

Haley was responding* to a two-week-old tweet by US Senator and 2020 presidential contender Bernie Sanders, who favourably compared the cost of having a baby in Finland to costs in the US.

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It remains unclear what Haley's specific criticism of Finnish healthcare was, although she did subsequently retweet an article about the Finnish government's collapse over its failed bid to steer home an expansive package of social and health care reforms (known as sote).

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Now what? Brief answers to 8 questions about gov't resignation
"First in the South"

* Haley's reply to Sanders and sub-threads not in same timeline as Finn snaps. Her US followers' chatter is alarming and predictably uninformed.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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Report: Children returning to Finland from ISIS
More than 80 people, including 30 children, have travelled from Finland to conflict areas in Syria and Iraq, according to the Finnish Security Police (SUPO). Interior Ministry official Tarja Mankkinen told LM that municipalities should organise returnee rehabilitation, particularly for children exposed to extraordinary violence.

No free pass

Last week, the Finnish government called for the establishment of an international court in the Middle East to try those who have fought with the terror group Isis. All the Nordic countries back such a move.
Finland's Interior Minister, Kai Mykkänen, has said that while Finland will not prevent the return of nationals who left the country to fight with ISIS, it will not extend help to people who have left either.

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Finland won't strip citizenship from ISIS fighters, minister says

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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