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For time schedule, MEP contact information, etc: https:/saveyourinternet.eu/act

Wikipedia is not a subdivision of any of the mentioned companies but as usual in the EU copyright legislation is publicly motivated by the need to get money from big US companies and written so it hits everybody. This is not an accident.

And if anyone thinks it is about starving artists and writers:

Authors' rights: The Parliament's proposal that authors should have a right to proportionate remuneration has been severely watered down: Total buy-out contracts will continue to be the norm.
by fjallstrom on Sun Mar 24th, 2019 at 11:04:51 PM EST
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https: is supposed to be followed by two slashes. Apparently, the second got converted to an italic tag.
by fjallstrom on Sun Mar 24th, 2019 at 11:06:43 PM EST
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Hitting Google by forcing everyone to buy Google's upload filter is a Galaxy Brain level of good faith.
by generic on Mon Mar 25th, 2019 at 08:40:51 AM EST
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