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An owl he is in reality ... what an utter nonsense he speaks. How can anyone, indeed anyone vote for such a populist idiot?? Where does he get the finances from?

Oikofoby? Boreaal? Immanent? Words used by Owl Baudet | AD - Dutch |

"And that's how we stand here. Tonight, at the eleventh hour, literally. Amid the debris of what was once the most beautiful, greatest civilization the world has ever known. A civilization that covered all corners of the world, which was full of confidence. And who has produced the most beautiful architecture, the most beautiful music and the most beautiful painting that ever existed under the starry sky. Our country is part of that civilization family. But just like those other countries of that boreal world, we are being destroyed by people who should protect us."

More Trumpian language, nothing original to be detected ...

"We are undermined by our universities, our journalists, by the people who receive our art grants and who design our buildings. And above all, we are undermined by our directors. A clique, a clique of networkers, professional meetings, people who have never read a book in their lives, and who have no idea what the important issues are in the longer term. Unfortunately, they control the decision-making bodies of our country and make the wrong choices time and time again in a curious mix of ignorance and cynical self-interest. Not for long!"

For what reason does Baudet use the term "Boreal"? Any suggestions ...

The restoration of the Boreal Crown might result in the downfall of Civilization and the triumph of Harmony
The New Dutch Disease Is White Nationalism | Foreign Policy |

In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, swastika means "well-being"...

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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