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".. to apprehend the roles of Sadat and Mubarak --both seemingly supported by Egypt's military .."

Egypt's military has ownership of approx.. 20% of the country's GDP.

Egypt's 'Military Inc' expands its control of the economy

I lived through the 1960s and 1970s partly in the US and later in Europe. The effects of the 1973 oil boycott and Palestinian terror of passenger plane hijacking is set clear in my mind. The UK and The Netherlands did the engineering for major expansion of Aramco's investment in its oil industry. Major investment in refineries and oil transport pipelines. The capacity to deliver oil was increased from 3 mln to 10 mnl barrels per day. In the early seventies there was a terror attack on a schoolbus killing dozens of children of American expats. Little to no coverage was ever seen in the media.

I see president Sadat as a hero for his overture to Israel for peace, visiting Jerusalem and giving a speech in the Knesset. The terror of the Muslim Brotherhood cut his life short. Mubarak was wounded in the attack. In the aftermath of the assassination, there was once again a crackdown on the terror groups. A mastermind was Al Zawahiri ...

Sadat's assassination plotter remains unrepentant

There can be no surprise that two masterminds of Islamic Jihad met and joined forces to found "The Base"or "Al Qaeda". The old colonial powers and the modern colonial ruler thru capitalism misread the Middle East over more than seventy years and allowed the revolutionary forces of these terror groups to grow. The legacy of John Foster Dulles, Sir Anthony Eden and Shimon Peres.

    "The third point the Secretary said he wished to stress was our belief that the key to any constructive program in the area involved the winning away of the Saudi Arabians from their present alignment with Egypt. We believed that it might be possible to win King Saud away from Nasser, and Saud could give important anti-Communist leadership in the Arab world (CENTO), which was important. However, we believed the winning away of the Saudis from Egypt depended on the UK reaching an accommodation with the Saudis on Buraimi."

Anglo-American Relations in the Persian Gulf Region, 1950-1956

Eisenhower and Suez: an appraisal of presidential leadership

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