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Baby of British-born ISIS Bride Has Died In Syrian Refugee Camp
The 1-month-old [!] baby son of ISIS bride Shamima Begum has died in a Syrian refugee camp. ... She pleaded [?] with the U.K. government to return home to have her baby after leaving an ISIS stronghold.
O Rly?
Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, called the death of the infant a "stain on the conscience" [!] of the current U.K. government. "It is against international law to make someone stateless ... And to leave a vulnerable [!] young woman and an innocent [!] child in a refugee camp, where we know [!] infant mortality to be high, is morally reprehensible."

DICTION CORNER: infanticide (n.) the murder of a neonatal offspring by passive or active abandonment or mechanical aid such as blunt trauma and live burial--a selective behavior, observed in all species, which is not unique to the biological parents of the murdered infant; infanticide is not birth control or a substitute for contraception [summarized -ed.]

The index of Mother Nature, A History of Mothers, Infants, and Natural Selection lists 110 references to infanticide among primate humans alone. The author's inferences about infanticide's causal factors derive from Pleistocene epochal conjecture, collected from evolutionary biologists, and international historical data, collected by anthropologists, "psycho-biologists," epidemiologists, "evolutionary psychologists," sociologists, historians, "sociobiologists," and law enforcement from 4th ce. BCE to 20th fin de siècle CE.

In general, Hrdy credits late modern conceptualization of selective pressure on offspring survival (and infanticide) to David Lack, "arguably the first 'reproductive biologist'".

[He] identified the fundamental tradeoff in the life of mothers: whether to produce many offspring, investing little in each, of produce a few and invest a great deal. This idea of "fitness tradeoffs" laid the groundwork for studying the myriad ways that a mother adjust maternal investment in line with ecological conditons. Far from self-sacrificing, the mothers in this Lackian paradigm were flexible, manipulative opportunists.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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