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"A 30-year-old gorilla at a Florida zoo has become a surrogate mother to a baby gorilla whose mother hasn't shown sufficient interest in her baby."

surrogate-mother: 1. a person, animal, or thing that takes on all or part of the role of mother to another person or animal; 2. a woman who bears a child on behalf of another woman, either from her own egg fertilized by the other woman's partner, or from the implantation in her uterus of a fertilized egg from the other woman.
foster-mother, foster-parent: a person who acts as parent and guardian for a child in place of the child's natural parents but without legally adopting the child
alloparent: "But the thing is, among hunter-gatherers, the way to breed successfully is having alloparental help and provisioning help from others."

Recession alert by fertility
Sarah Hrdy's book Mother Nature, A History of Mothers, Infants, and Natural Selection

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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Baby of British-born ISIS Bride Has Died In Syrian Refugee Camp
The 1-month-old [!] baby son of ISIS bride Shamima Begum has died in a Syrian refugee camp. ... She pleaded [?] with the U.K. government to return home to have her baby after leaving an ISIS stronghold.
O Rly?
Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, called the death of the infant a "stain on the conscience" [!] of the current U.K. government. "It is against international law to make someone stateless ... And to leave a vulnerable [!] young woman and an innocent [!] child in a refugee camp, where we know [!] infant mortality to be high, is morally reprehensible."

DICTION CORNER: infanticide (n.) the murder of a neonatal offspring by passive or active abandonment or mechanical aid such as blunt trauma and live burial--a selective behavior, observed in all species, which is not unique to the biological parents of the murdered infant; infanticide is not birth control or a substitute for contraception [summarized -ed.]

The index of Mother Nature, A History of Mothers, Infants, and Natural Selection lists 110 references to infanticide among primate humans alone. The author's inferences about infanticide's causal factors derive from Pleistocene epochal conjecture, collected from evolutionary biologists, and international historical data, collected by anthropologists, "psycho-biologists," epidemiologists, "evolutionary psychologists," sociologists, historians, "sociobiologists," and law enforcement from 4th ce. BCE to 20th fin de siècle CE.

In general, Hrdy credits late modern conceptualization of selective pressure on offspring survival (and infanticide) to David Lack, "arguably the first 'reproductive biologist'".

[He] identified the fundamental tradeoff in the life of mothers: whether to produce many offspring, investing little in each, of produce a few and invest a great deal. This idea of "fitness tradeoffs" laid the groundwork for studying the myriad ways that a mother adjust maternal investment in line with ecological conditons. Far from self-sacrificing, the mothers in this Lackian paradigm were flexible, manipulative opportunists.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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Radio Sputnik is funded in whole or in part by Russia government.

UK Home Secretary Javid Slammed Over Death of Daesh Teen Bride's Son

UK Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott [!] slammed UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid [!] for behaving "shamefully," saying that he was responsible for the recent death of a newborn son of a teenage girl who ran away from her family in the UK to Syria, where she joined the Daesh*.
[footnote in original; my own formula (2011-2016) included "al-Qaeda-in-the-*" - ed.]
No girl in the Pleistocene could have reached manarche as early as many twelve-year-olds today. ... In the modern world, however, being fat enough to ovulate is no longer tied to having a supportive social network who will help rear her child. What happens, then, when an unwed teenager, sufficiently well fed to ovulate but lacking social support, finds herself pregnant? The novelist George Eliot was one of the first writers to explore this topic. Her fictional case study accords with what psychiatrists and epidemiologists have lerned since. [Hrdy:288]
Two More Daesh Brides Stripped of UK Citizenship Amid Begum's Row - Reports
Two more Daesh* wives from the UK, sisters Reema (30) and Zara (28) Iqbal have had their passports revoked since marrying jihadists linked to murdering western hostages, The Sunday Times reports, citing legal sources. According to the outlet the young women are in separate camps Syria, where they fled after Daesh* were curbed and squeezed from the occupied territories.
The unwillingness to acknowledge infanticide among creatures like ourselves, except as morally compromised, subhuman behavior, has a sporadic history in the West. The euphemistic catchall term overlaying used to be invoked when infants were "accidentally" smothered by their caretakers. In fifteenth century Florence, for example, 15 percent of deaths among infants sent to wet nurses were attributed to this type of mishap. Taking "overlaying" at face value, and eighteenth-century physician advised Britons to adopt a new invention, the Florentine arcutio, a three-foot-long wooden cage designed to prevent a woman from accidentally suffocating a baby in her bed. Italian nurses were obliged to use them under pain of excommunication.
Long after the arcutio was first invented, thousands of infant deaths in eighteenth-century England were still being attributed to overlaying. Today, doctors and coroners sweep fairly obvious cases of infanticide under a new euphemistic rug: unexplained sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
In England, it took a justifiable invasion of patients' privacy by a suspicious British pediatrician to end a massive and futile quest for a will-o'-the wisp --a supposed genetic trait running in families that causes successive infants to suddenly stop breathing. ...In the United States, the highly publicized 1995 murder trial of Waneta Hoyt had the same effect. [Hrdy:291]
The Iqbals, whose parents are reportedly originally from Pakistan , left London for Syria in 2013 [!] after they married suspected jihadists, who were linked the murder of western hostages, who were butchered on camera. The women have five boys [!], aged not older than 8, between them. The younger sister gave birth to two children in Syria, where she travelled already heavily pregnant with her second boy, while her older sister gave birth to children both in the UK and Syria.
Dead men walking: Not a 'optimal' selection strategy, is it?
As the BBC reports, the Home Office refused to comment on individual cases, adding that decisions to strip citizenships were "evidence-based and not taken lightly".
"evidence-based": live births, infanticide, infant mortality (27); child mortality (3); infant survival (41); child abuse and neglect (14); child care, allomothers, and cooperative breeding (108)
"Daughters are no better than crows" observes a Tibetan proverb. Variations on this theme can be heard throughout northern India. "Their parents feed them and when they get their wings, they fly away." Daughters, people complain, leave at marriage; resources devoted to rearing them are lost to the patriline. With them depart substantial dowries, enriching their husbands' families while impoverishing their own. Parents dread the prospect of marrying off several daughters almost (but not quite) as much as they dread potential disgrace should a daughter fail to marry into a family of appropriate status, or be seduced and left pregnant but unmarried. [Hrd:325]

"global limitations"
you may be interested in reading or re-reading Totem and Taboo

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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"separating families"
UK studying how to get children of IS followers out of Syria
British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says he is looking for ways to help the children of British citizens who joined the Islamic State group in Syria.

Hunt told the BBC on Sunday that he and International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt are studying how the children could be brought to Britain without putting government officials at risk by sending them to Syria.

wtf: this story seems not available to N.A. IP addresses,The Sunday Times | We are working on a plan to rescue British children of jihadists, says Jeremy Hunt
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Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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