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May is still in denial, hoping to get her deal through by hook or by crook. It won't happen of course, and only if/when the EU make A.50 extension conditional on #2 or #3 will she even confront the issue.

#2 is like asking turkeys to vote for Xmas, although she may be fooled (for a second time) by her current lead in the polls over Corbyn. However #3 offers a way out. No one can say she wasn't sincere and dogged in her attempt to deliver Brexit and everyone will blame Parliament for being dysfunctional.

Corbyn will only agree to #3 if denied a general election (once again) but between them they should easily have the numbers to pass the required legislation. The problem is will they even be able to agree the wording?  For all the talk of negotiating with Brussels, May and Corbyn have never agreed to work together on anything, and seem almost incapable of doing so. Such is the antipathy.

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