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But a Ministry of Culture official says Notre Dame should not expect regular help of this kind. To the government, the cathedral is just one of many old buildings in need of care. "France has thousands of monuments," says the official, who was not authorized to speak to the media. Among them, Notre Dame is not necessarily the most pressing case. "It will not fall down," she says.
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Neoliberalism and Notre-Dame - Current Affairs | Culture & Politics

Last year, the Brazilian National Museum caught fire. 90 percent of its collection of 20 million artifacts was incinerated, with precious and irreplaceable treasures lost forever, including audio recordings of indigenous languages that nobody speaks anymore and multi-thousand-year-old relics of pre-Columbian Indo-American cultures. Within minutes, history was reduced to ash.

Neoliberalism and Notre-Dame - Current Affairs | Culture & Politics

Notre-Dame is a slightly different story, but with the same lessons. It seems that the fire was an accident. But it was apparently also an accident "waiting to happen." The Wall Street Journal reports today that the cathedral had suffered "decades of neglect" and had been deteriorating and rotting. A senior adviser to the Friends of Notre-Dame commented: "For sure if the cathedral had been maintained regularly, with a higher level of funding, we would have avoided this... The more you wait, the more risks you have." What happened, then? Notre-Dame is beloved, so much so that a billion dollars instantly poured in to fund its repairs. With the public valuing Notre-Dame so highly, why was it deteriorating and lacking in funds

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