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This is of course provisional: there may be some structural damage that need yet to be assessed. A good summary:

The inside of the nave:

The 13th century frame, nicknamed "the forest" for its massive wooden beams is gone and the vault has been punctured near the center where the 19th century spire fell yesterday evening.

South rosace (on the river facing side):

There were major concerns during the night that the fire might spread to the northern bell tower (on the left hand side when facing the main entrance). These "belfries" have a distinctive square shape which makes them instantly recognized all over the world. Firefighters apparently managed to get into and stop the fire getting there.

by Bernard on Tue Apr 16th, 2019 at 06:38:41 PM EST
It seems to have been mainly the ancient wooden roof that was literally burned to the ground. At least some of the art works and relics inside were moved to safety. If the building is still fundamentally structurally sound, replacing the roof with look alike non-combustible materials should be possible. However if the structural integrity of the building has been compromised, the sky is the limit as to what it might cost to put things right. It might sound heretical right now, but there might be better ways of spending that money...

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