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May's bombshell means the Little English nationalist revolution is over
The carefully crafted illusions the May administration were founded on have crumbled into dust. After three years of civil service expertise wasted, billions of pounds of growth lost and two years' worth of legislative time squandered, Theresa May stopped trying to get Brexit through with Tory votes and turned to Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn will be asked to co-author a new version of the political declaration acceptable to Labour, or failing that to help engineer a majority in the Commons, either for a Norway-style deal or a customs union.

In effect May has bottled out of a fourth "meaningful vote", ditched the threat of no deal completely and in a desperate attempt to avoid an election has thrown herself on the mercy of parliament. It should show no mercy.


The Tory party's moral collapse is under way. I don't know what new formation will emerge. But even its enemies must acknowledge that Corbyn's Labour party has ground May's project to dust by drawing on the one thing that outsiders to the labour movement can never quite understand: the discipline and solidarity that come from being vilified and ignored - something May could never rely on among the squabbling ranks of entitled Tory MPs.

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