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Oh, I know that, and the kids doesn't know about Twitter yet.

As many kids books where they turn out to be a secret superhero/wizard/prince etc, it's basically a power fantasy. And Rowling's power fantasy is to find out you are rich, have important (though dead) parents, go to the English boarding school for the elite in a world where the English domination of the world is unquestioned, where Europe is divided in France and German-Nordic-Slavic whatever, the rest of the world is good for exotic characters and looting, and all you need to learn about at school is ordering the world around. Basically, it's being a boarding school Tory but with magic. That is what I meant by shoddy world building.

So I am not surprised that she lets out her inner Tory, now that she is actually rich.

But as kids books go, they are pretty good in what kids care about. I have also read them the Christian Indoctrination books known as the Narnia series. That didn't work on me, so I figure kids care about the story and perhaps a bit about the characters but not really about the world building.

by fjallstrom on Wed Apr 3rd, 2019 at 03:29:35 PM EST
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